Helping to guide your academic journey

Health and life science advisors are here to partner with you as you plan out your academic journey. Our career consultant is terrific at guiding you to explore and to identify career paths that best fit your values, interests, and skills. Our peer advisors are available daily by phone or at our front desk to answer quick questions and to guide you to campus resources. Our student success advisors can help you put it all together with an academic plan that will help you formulate a timely transition to your degree-granting school.  

These are some of the more common reasons you might meet with a student success advisor:

  • Determine if the major and career path you have chosen is the best fit for you
  • Explore other majors and careers
  • Plan classes for the upcoming semester
  • Learn about co-curricular activities related to your interests
  • Find out how to release a hold that is preventing you from registering
  • Create a parallel plan
  • Change your major and career path
  • Learn how to drop or add a class and what the policies and procedures are related to these adjustments
  • Discover the best places to get help in a difficult class, adjusting to college life, or resources for coping with life and health issues
  • Plan for the application process to competitive programs in the health and life sciences
  • Explore pre-professional programs and what the application process looks like

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