Take a Free Online Assessment

Satisfaction with a career depends largely on your personal values, interests, personality, skills, and how well those specific qualities match up with your future career. For help exploring your values, interests, personality, and skills, consider taking one of our free online assessments listed below.


  1. Create a new account on FOCUS using the IUPUI access code: jaguars.
  2. Take the five quick assessments under the Self-Assessment section. This will generate a list of major and career suggestions.
  3. Click See Your Top Career Choices to find potential careers that match well with the results of your assessment.
  4. Click on the next section, Explore the Possibilities, for more resources, including an IUPUI-specific search.

Guiding worksheet


  1. Create an account.
  2. Click Me or Not Me in response to each question; this takes less than five minutes to complete.
  3. Review your personality profile.
  4. Review your personalized careers, and click on various links to learn more about their connections to majors.

Guiding worksheet