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Histotechnologists detect tissue abnormalities and determine treatments for the diseases causing those abnormalities. Histology itself is a science that deals with the structure of cells and how they form in tissues and organs. How it works is the histotechnologist prepares thin slices of human tissue for microscopic examination by applying different dyes, chemicals, and antibodies. Through this, tiny tissue makeup becomes visible under the lens of a microscope. This is especially useful in determining and confirming patient diagnosis. Currently, histotechnologists are frequently being utilized to identify tumors as a way to assist in selecting the best therapy to offer the greatest cure.

The Health and Life Sciences Advising Center does not advise students seeking a certificate or associate degree in histology, so interested students are encouraged to contact the program directly by calling 317-274-1686 or by visiting their website.

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HistotechnologyFall 2015 and beyond
HistotechnologyFall 2014–summer 2015

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