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Community health is a major that explores how the ways in which we live, work, and play affect our bodies both positively and negatively. Students pursuing this degree study the behavioral and social factors that influence the health of groups of people, whether a community, city, state, or nation. They identify scientifically sound, evidence-based, culturally competent ways to improve community health and to spread that knowledge to the community. This degree prepares students to promote healthy lifestyle choices, prevent disease, and enhance quality of life in communities.

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Degree map linkIUPUI admission semester
Community healthFall 2018 and beyond
Community healthFall 2016–summer 2017
Community healthFall 2014–summer 2015

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Community health

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"I recently started working with the Boone County Health Department as the tobacco coordinator, and I absolutely love it. The people I work with are awesome, and I feel like I’m doing really important and fulfilling work. My internship with Jim Ginder and [my community health] classes have really helped me find my stride here in this position much faster. I’m currently reviewing materials with my regional director, and time and time again I’m seeing past concepts and terms pop up over and over. I’m seeing just about everything [I learned] in Health Promotions crop up. I’m going to be leading a community-wide anti-tobacco coalition come January, and I’m expected to help local organizations and businesses make new policies to help their campuses be tobacco free. . . . I’m also seeing all components of the program creation project we had all semester long. I’m so glad I took that class because I’m sure I’d be confused seeing all these new terms.

"It might be worth mentioning to your students next semester that one of your Fairbanks alumni wants to tell them to PAY ATTENTION to your classes because they’re going to see everything you’ve taught in their future public health careers!" —Claire Tousley, Class of 2016

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