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Paramedics care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. People’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care provided by these workers. Paramedics respond to emergency calls, performing medical services and transporting patients to medical facilities. 

Students who complete the A.S. in Paramedic Science are prepared to work as EMT-paramedics to deliver emergency patient care in out-of-hospital settings. The paramedic must be a confident leader who can accept the challenge and high degree of responsibility entailed in the position. The paramedic provides the most extensive pre-hospital care and may work for fire departments, private ambulance services, police departments, or hospitals.

Students must be a certified EMT in Indiana to apply to the Paramedic Science Program. Those who are not already certified may enroll in EMER-E 201 to earn their certification; students must be CPR certified to begin EMER-E 201.

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Paramedic scienceFall 2015 and beyond

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