Chris Brown

Odds were against Chris Brown, a nursing major, when he decided to give college a third shot at IUPUI in 2015.

Chris originally started as a Computer Science major at Indiana University in 2000. He found himself to not be successful at IU saying that he “wasn’t in the right mindset.”

Focus on what is right in front of you and don't think too much about what all you still have ahead.

Chris Brown

Years later, in 2006, he decided to give college another shot at IUPUI. Again, he found himself struggling and giving up.

Finally in 2015, Chris came back to IUPUI one last time. He was determined to get into Nursing School. This time he was balancing more than ever, trying to support his now family of four. He was starting out with a GPA of 0.9. Many even told him that he should try a less competitive program, that it would take thousands of hours to replace all of his previously poor grades.

Nursing school is very competitive; only a fraction of those who apply get accepted into the IU School of Nursing. With grade replacements and a lot of hard work, Chris was accepted into the IU School of Nursing at the age of 33. He always had a passion for helping others, and now aspires even further than nursing school.

A piece of advice he would give to other non-traditional students, as well as anyone who is concerned about their ability to succeed, is to “use all of your resources.” He met with multiple advisors in the Health and Life Science Advising cluster and said that he benefitted from having multiple opinions and different sets of eyes looking at the problem.

Chris believed that “focusing on what is right in front of you and not thinking too much about what all you still have ahead” is what got him through. It can be overwhelming looking at the broad picture. “Take it one class at a time”.

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