Health Data Science

Health Data Science

Fairbanks School of Public Health

For this degree, you will learn how to uncover the story of your data by using interactive and aesthetically pleasing visualizations and cutting-edge statistical modeling techniques that industry experts agree yield results! The degree consists of seven core courses in probability, statistics, classical and modern regression methods, computing and advanced computing, and biostatistical learning. In our courses, you will not learn mathematical proofs, but instead learn the concepts behind the methods and models and how to implement them like real data scientists do every day. 

In addition to the core major courses, students receive either a minor in computer science or a minor in informatics, and they will complete an internship at places like Lilly and Roche. The program also hosts monthly hackathons for students, yielding opportunities to work with local nonprofit organizations and to engage in “hacking for social good.” This unique combination of skills gives our graduates excellent job prospects with the ability to make upwards of $80,000 upon graduation. 

Degree Maps

Degree Map LinkIUPUI Admission Semester
Health Data ScienceFall 2019 and beyond
Health Data ScienceFall 2018–summer 2019
Health Data ScienceFall 2017–summer 2018

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Health Data Science

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Admission Requirements

  • Have an IU GPA of 2.5 or higher and a previous semester GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete the online application; select Updating My Major
  • Email the FSPH advisors Leah Jansen or Kayla Rinker if you have questions

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