Student Success Stories

Until you have real experiences in the field that you are exploring, you will have a difficult time knowing if that career is for you. Consider participating in one or more opportunities to gain experience. Your advisor or career consultant can help you identify resources that will help you find meaningful experiences on campus and in the community. Read about our students' success through their stories below.

Rachel Palfi—Health Information Management Student

When Rachel Palfi started at IUPUI, she was a pre-radiation therapy major. She had job shadowed a radiation therapist and really felt that the career was something she could see herself doing. Once she decided her major, Rachel says, “I gave it my all my first time around with radiation therapy,” despite being warned at the very beginning how difficult it would be.

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Edith Alanis Guijosa—Dental Hygiene Student

Edith Alanis moved to the United States from Mexico when she was seven years old. Her mother graduated from the equivalent of high school in Mexico, but she was not allowed to further her education beyond high school. Edith’s father joined the workforce after only a third grade education. Edith and her twin sister went through the U.S. school system, starting in the first grade. Because their parents were unfamiliar with the system here, they had to figure things out as they went, relying on the help from advisors and counselors.

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Chris Brown—Nursing Student

Odds were against Chris Brown, a nursing major, when he decided to give college a third shot at IUPUI in 2015. Chris originally started as a computer science major at Indiana University in 2000. He found himself to not be successful at IU, saying that he “wasn’t in the right mind-set.” Years later, in 2006, he decided to give college another shot at IUPUI. Again, he found himself struggling and giving up.

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Claire Shriner—Nursing Student

At 15 years old, Claire Shriner underwent surgery after tearing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). It was her first time in a hospital. She chatted with the nurses, surgeons, and the anesthesiologist and left the hospital eager to learn more about the health care field.

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Lynn Wallace—Nuclear Medicine Technology Student

Lynn Wallace, a junior majoring in nuclear medicine, came to IUPUI to become a radiation therapist. After completing the prerequisites and applying to the radiation therapy program, she was not admitted. Learn how Lynn entered her degree-granting school.

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Lenell Campbell—Exercise Science and Pre-OT/PT

With a love for math and science and an interest in carpentry, Lenell Campbell chose to major in construction engineering management technology when he first came to college. He thought he was set in his decision, but during his third semester, his feelings for the program began to change.

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